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Stress Free Children

Vicky and Erica (both Enhanced CRB checked)  have a significant combined experience in working with children, and parents to help overcome unwanted behaviours. Children as young as 4 years old respond particularly well to play therapy, and suggestion techniques. Hypnosis is effective with children aged around 7/8 and is a lightly relaxed state where the child can use their creative imagination to visualise a 'make-believe journey' where emotion can be alleviated it can help relieve stress and anxiety in children that can lead to:

Anxiety is an innate part of our development, and begins with separation anxiety around the ages of 6/7 months, peaking at between 10/18 months. However, there are relapses at toddlerdom and pre-school ages.

Prior to this stage, at between 4/8 months babies also develop a sense of object permanence (Piaget 1954, 1964) which relates directly to their sense of attachment to parents. Object permanence is when babies begin to understand that people, and things are still there even when they are out of sight. However, they also realise that Mum/Dad can leave, but also don’t know if they will come back, and fear abandonment.

Around the age of 3/4 fears, and tantrums are a way of projecting frustrations and anxiety that is felt. It is therefore really helpful to enable the child using simple techniques such as play, and suggestion to express how they are feeling (not always with words), and overcome a difficulty.

Parents are encouraged to take advantage of a 30 minute free initial consultation where they can discuss their concerns in a relaxed and safe environment, and without the child feeling they are being discussed.

Providing help for children, and parents in: Stubbington, Fareham, Lee-on-solent, Gosport and surrounding areas