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Consulting with anxiety issue

Hi Erica,

I remember when I first came to meet you for my initial consultation about my anxiety which seemed to have increased to a level where I was struggling to socialise with even my closest friends and just tried to blend into the background at social events. I was nervous, scared and feeling the physical symptoms of an anxiety attack before I had even pressed the doorbell..........

Before I knew it I was greeted by your friendly face and invited in to take a seat. We talked through what I felt the issues were and by the end of just the consultation you had made me feel at ease and reassured me that you could help me using the "Thrive" programme. Using this course of therapy you have taught me to understand myself, my personality and the link between my thoughts and my emotions which had previously allowed me to become very external in regards to validation and therefore left me with low self-esteem/confidence. But, with time and as the sessions progressed the techniques taught allowed me to spot unhelpful thinking patterns and control my thoughts to leave me balanced and become, to a much higher degree, internally validated boosting my self-esteem and confidence. By the time I had finished the programme I was a changed person and back to my "old self" who felt good about myself and confident in my abilities.

I now know I can go forwards with my life with all the tools I need to keep myself balanced and therefore happy & confident as this was not a quick fix but a way to help me live from now onwards. I have already told friends and family during and after the programme of how you have helped me and have recommended others to contact you as I believe the programme can help a lot of people.

I can't thank you enough for how much you helped me back on to the happy path I am on and throw away the "sh*t tinted spectacles" ha ha!

Thank you ever so much

Neil x

Consulting with bereavement depression

Dear Erika,

Thank you for helping me to come to terms with the lose of my wife. I feel that I am now able to cope with life in general and look forward to the future with the knowledge that I will be able to smile. Of course I know that things do not get better one just learns to live with the grief.

Before I came to see you I had been prescribed anti-depressants and I now do not need them. Friends have commented as to the change in my demeanor.

Again I can not thank you enough.

My best regards



Consulting with social anxiety

Dear Erica

I wanted to drop you a quick line to say "thank you" for helping me to believe in myself. Since coming to you in March I am a different person. The change hasn't been immediate but has been a gradual process that has happened over time. I find I am now able to communicate with people without wanting the ground to open up and swallow me.!

I originally came to you for help with my social phobia, through my work I was going to have to run a training course and I just didn't know how I was going to do that. I am very pleased to say I have now run 3 sessions of the course and am actually enjoying it and feel very relaxed while doing it.

Thank you for setting me free, I now feel I can move on and be the person I've always wished to be.



Consulting with fear of flying


Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas. Many thanks for all your help. My flight to Tenerife was so much better, even with all the turbulence.



Consulting with fear of flying


Very many thanks for your help. The flight was quite okay I felt totally relaxed before the flight which in the past, would have been unusual! I was sat next to the wings which also helps.

This place is so beautiful very picture postcard. We have had all different types of weather from snow, rain and now sunburn, it is like a summers day! fly home Saturday hopefully with ease!


Karen xxx


Consulting with bladder incontinence


Your words do keep coming into my mind, it really does help. Thank-you so much.


P.S. I am a lot better health wise


Consulting with fear of swallowing

Dear Erica

I want to thank you for all you have done for me to help me through my anxiety problems causing me to have trouble in swallowing food for the fear of choking.  With the sessions I have had with you using the Thrive Programme, has made me cope with anything that is thrown at me without needing to panic, and I can now eat more easily without choking.  As soon as I feel that I am having an unhelpful thought, I immediately recognise this and turn it into a positive thought, especially using the DREAM technique which I know is very helpful.

I realise now that although I thought my past may have been the reason I was feeling like this, however, I know now that even though I had some trouble times, I am actually making myself this way by my unhelpful thoughts and you have helped me to realise this.

Thank you Erica for listening to me with understanding and helping me to cope more confidently for the future.

Kind Regards