HOCD treatment at Hampshire Hypnotherapy

HODC treatment at Hampshire Hypnotherapy in Fareham

HOCD or homosexual obsessive compulsive disorder is when a person thoughts are consumed by concerns and worries about their sexual orientation. There are other abbreviations such as Gay OCD and OCD, because gay OCD includes straight people who obsess about being gay, and OCD describes gay people obsessing about fears of being "straight". These terms, or labels include both males and females who experience these feelings of discomfort and uncertainty regarding their sexual orientation.

"While it may seem that the individual with Gay OCD / HOCD has obsessions without compulsions, a review of his/her symptoms almost always reveals various compulsive behaviors, avoidant behaviors, reassurance-seeking behaviors, and “mental compulsions” which are not at first as easily observed as other, more obvious OCD compulsions".

If you have been worrying about this problem please do call and arrange your free initial consultation so that you can find out exactly what is going on for you psychologically, and to find a resolution to the problem which is so exhausting and upsetting.

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