Fear of flying

fear of flying

Fear of flying

Fear of Heights helped with hypnotherapy in Hampshire

Discover the secrets to your fear of heights, and then overcome them. The main thrust of overcoming a fear of heights is to understand what it means to you, how you create it, and then learn how to overwrite it.

Phobia is derived from the Greek word, ‘phobos’ which means fear. An irrational fear of heights is called acrophobia, and you do not have to be up high to have this fear. The fear of heights is created by anxiety (which you are possibly already aware of) and what this means for you is that you can feel silly, or judged when you have to admit this when you are unable to avoid the situation.

Many others share your fear of heights, but every one of them will have different trigger experiences. For instance,  you may be aware of the first sign of this fear when you were on a walk when suddenly you became aware of some apprehension when faced with a tricky bit of pathway, or it may have been when you were in a tall building, or looking over a ledge? Or, perhaps you don’t ever remember a time when you weren’t afraid!

I would like to reassure you at this point that any phobia is an irrational fear, and this is why it is not difficult to treat - there are always elements of that fear causing more anxiety than others. The skill lies in identifying, and becoming aware of them. This alone will help you to change your perspective, or how you 'see' the problem.

Hypnosis is a very gentle way of helping people to overcome these kinds of fears, and with a tailor made session, after some discussion - what seemed a really big issue will have shrunk down to a much more manageable size.

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