Cost of Hypnotherapy

Free Initial Consultation

An opportunity for an informal chat about what you would like to achieve from therapy, and for me to explain how Thrive™ and Cognitive Free Association can help you. This is a no obligation consultation (not necessary for a stop smoking session). This is also a time to find out about the cost of hypnotherapy, or any other therapy you may choose. The cost of hypnotherapy in Fareham does vary, and usually depends on the degree of training and expertise of your therapist.
Free (30 - 45 mins)

Stop Smoking Cost

£180 for three sessions (60 mins)

Suggestion Therapy Fee (between 1 and 3 sessions)

This is generally a single powerful session to remove habits or fears like nail biting or fear of flying.
Cost - £65 per session (60 mins)

Cognitive Free Association

To explore possible causes for the symptoms, and to retrain thought processes in a more useful way.
Cost - £60 per session (between 6 and 8 sessions)

Children’s Therapy

Cost - £60 per session

Weight Reduction Programme

Cost - £60 per session

Payment Methods

You can pay in person following your treatment by cash, or cheque using the above rates. if you would like to pay by credit, or debit card the PayPal button is here for you. I have added an increment on the fee as PayPay charge for this facility.