Blog Post #2: 10 priceless pointers from Admiral William McRaven

Admiral WIlliam McRaven's Speech to University of Texas Graduate Community


Yesterday I was forwarded this really exiting speech delivered by Admiral William McRaven. The tips that he gave to the University of Texas graduate students were valuable lessons that have taken him a lifetime to learn. They are transferrable skills which convert into ordinary every day life, to help people live the life they aspire to while realising to accomplish it may not always be easy. The first lesson was so simple, "make your bed" and what Admiral William McRaven implied was that if you begin your day by making your bed this is the first task of the day, and if you finish the task well you can continue through your goals of the day completing each task to a good standard. If you are interested a Navy SEAL is a member of a Naval Special Warfare unit who are trained for unconventional warfare: SEAL is an acronym for Sea, Air, Land.

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