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Stop Smoking in Fareham

Stop Smoking Hypnosis 

Erica is a hypnotherapist in Fareham Hampshire helping clients to stop smoking using hypnosis. If you are serious you can stop smoking permanently in two sessions. Erica's hypnotherapy clinic is a short drive from Fareham, Gosport and Locks Heath.

Quit smoking timeline, and why you find it hard to stop?

The habit of smoking, or any habit has everything to do with the imagination, conscious will and belief. In advertising campaigns to stop smoking we are encouraged to believe that stopping smoking is hard. If you believe this, and if you have tried to stop and found it quite hard – you are successfully reinforcing the belief each time you try to stop smoking, and fail.

The reason why you fail is when there is conflict between the conscious will and imagination. This is the internal thought conversations, or arguments we have in our heads about everything.

In this case it is the imagination’s pro smoking argument e.g., it is dangerous to smoke; smoking is expensive; smoking makes you smell vs the conscious will’s anti-smoking argument: smoking is relaxing, I feel less stressed when I have a cigarette; I only do it socially.

So you see, the outcome of ‘trying’ really hard to stop smoking, if there is conflict, is the task becomes increasingly more difficult rather than getting easier. The psychological term for this is, ‘Coue’s Law’ , and is the law of reversed effort. The law of reversed effort means the harder you try to do something the more difficult it becomes

Changing your belief system to help you to quit smoking

Some of the stop smoking session is devoted to challenging the belief system to establish which beliefs are keeping a person tied into their smoking habit, and to establish the value of that habit. Finally, suggestion therapy reinforces the new belief that stopping will be easy.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Are there guarantees/refunds offered with this service?
A. No, anyone wanting to stop any kind of behaviour including smoking has to take full responsibility for that desire to become a reality.

Q. Does Hypnosis rob you of freewill?
A. No, you always have a choice, and responsibility. If a client chooses to test their treatment to see if they can still smoke then the outcome is obvious, but why would they do that - after spending the time, money and energy required in attending the session?

What happens if it doesn't work?

‘It’ always works. When 'it' doesn't work, it is because the client has chosen to do the opposite of the very simple things that have been described to make stopping smoking incredibly easy. Do you want to commit £180, 60/90 minutes of your time, and 100% effort? If so I will give you the entire benefit of my significant experience of stopping people smoking.