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How can I lose weight with hypnosis

When people come to see me they have often typed into Google ‘lose weight hypnosis’ and this shows how many people have now heard, or learned from friends that hypnosis really can help them to lose weight. How many times have you tried to go on a diet and failed to lose the weight? A significant factor in attaining and maintaining a goal weight is how much belief you have in yourself, and your ability. If for example, you have tried many brands of diet: Weight Watchers, Lighter Life and having reached your goal slipped back to your old weight, or perhaps even gained a bit more, your belief may be: ‘diets don’t work for me’, or ‘I am rubbish at dieting’; ‘I am never going to be slim’.

‘Yo-yo’ dieting is another term coined to describe this particular set of behaviours, but lose weight hypnosis can work for you. Have you noticed how eating behaviours seem cyclical? in that there are certain times of the day where you experience difficulty in eating, or not eating. These behaviours can come from boredom, and lack of belief. Additionally, if you have succeeded in losing weight, but then put it back on your focus will be on the negative e.g., ‘I have put all the weight back on therefore I am a bad person’, rather than the positive, ‘I lost the weight before therefore I can lose it again’.

About hypnotherapy and weight loss

Lose weight hypnosis is very useful when trying to shed weight because the positive suggestions help you make appropriate changes in eating habits. This together with a sound belief that you understand and can set goals for a sensible way of thinking about food, and eating increase the likelihood for success.

I expect you have already noticed when you have trouble refusing food? I know there are times when I feel I want to eat more than I need for example, I eat less when stressed, but more when I feel bored. The art is in identifying when we feel most vulnerable, and then learning skills to counter the behaviour, so if the cause is boredom, and the effect is eating too much then boredom is where the vulnerability exists. What I teach is how to identify the problems, and the skills to change the old behaviours into something new and useful. You can then set about choosing what you want from your diet plan rather than something you fear e.g. putting on weight.

Treating eating disorders with hypnosis

The two most common eating disorders are: Anorexia nervosa, and Bulimia nervosa, both are psychiatric diagnoses characterised by the obsessive need to control weight. The word Bulimia is derived from Latin, and Greek language meaning ‘ravenous hunger’. Anorexia is derived from a Greek term, meaning ‘lack of desire to eat’. People who have Anorexia use various methods to control their weight for example, purging with laxatives, vomiting, voluntary starvation, and diuretics. Bulimia is another means of control over, and a focus on what goes into the body. This is characterised by binge eating to great lengths, usually hidden from friends and family because of the disgust that the person feels. Purging follows binges and you can see the two diagnoses have similarities and commonality.

Food cravings

Craving for specific foods happens when you start to use your imagination. For example, what happens if I suggest you think about a cake? What cake did you think about? I bet it wasn’t one of those boring Madeira cakes. I bet you pictured your favourite, and then you started to build on your mental picture by imagining what it tasted like, and perhaps the last time you ate it. The entire process may take only a few seconds because you have to imagine what you want before you decide whether, or not its worth the effort going out to the kitchen to get it. Weight loss hypnosis teaches you about choice, and that you are the one in control. Often if we feel we have no choice we are likely to decide on what we consider 'naughty' as an act of rebellion, but clearly this harms no one other than ourselves.

As I mentioned above when I used myself as an example, some people eat more when they are happy and content, and others when they are sad. Additionally, during pregnancy hormone levels fluctuate, and women often experience cravings for certain types of food. Lose weight hypnosis can teach you other ways of dealing with the kind of emotions that we allow to sabotage our weight loss.

Can we control what we eat in a healthy way?

Lose weight hypnosis, or Thrive™ offer effective ways to helping you view weight loss from a completely different perspective, and also aids awareness of what we eat, and when we eat it. So instead of mindlessly eating food even when you don't feel hungry come along and see me and I can explain weight loss hypnosis in more detail.

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