Fear of Needles

Do you have a fear of Needles or an Injection Phobia?


Fear of Needles

Fear of Needles, or Injection Phobia Treated at Fareham Hypnotherapy.

You may be surprised to learn this phobia is not uncommon, or that between 1% and 3% of the UK population have some kind of phobia about needles (aichmophobia) or, (subtly different) injections (trypanophobia).

If you suffer from this phobia you already know how devastating its effects can be. The fear of needles, or of having a wound inflicted can trigger extreme reactions and symptoms for example:

  • refusing blood tests
  • unable to support loved ones through illness
  • turning down opportunities to go on holiday
  • having drugs administered in tablet form rather than by the recommended injection
  • at the mention of the word, injection, immediately starting to feel sick; heart pounding; feeling extremely anxious and/or ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • not being able to watch someone else have an injection
  • having to ask someone to take your baby for inoculations

Trypanophobia was pioneered by Dr James Hamilton, and is defined in the 1994 DSM - IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Vol. 4) as a blood injection or injury type.

If you think about it logically the needle is not going to kill you, but save you from disease, or more significant pain. It is not massively painful to have an injection - so why is it people are afraid to have an injection?The answer to this question is predictability and feelings of being out of control.   We like things to be predictable, and pain is a subjective matter - we don’t know how much it is going to hurt, but what we do know is we are definitely going to feel something. Having an injection isn’t something that happens to most people of a daily basis (unless you are a diabetic) so it would be safe to say it is not the norm.

What I will teach you in order to overcome your fear is although you don’t like the needle, and there is no reason why you should - you do possess the skills and resources to deal with this irrational fear.