Exam Nerves

Are you suffering from exam nerves?


Exam Nerves

Most of us know what its like to suffer from pre exam or test nerves, but some people are so scared of exams they avoid taking them. This heightened awareness, or anxiety can develop weeks, sometimes months before the exams.

How does it affect me?

Children, teens, and adults can feel the pressure exams appear to exert. We want to do well, and get good marks because to many it means the difference between success and failure. If overwhelming anxiety is felt weeks, or days before the event this is termed anticipatory anxiety and is not useful at all. Here are some examples of where failing an exam, or obtaining a low mark can affect a life:

  • Job choices / promotion choices
  • Choice of school / college / university

Fear, and anxiety prevents people thinking clearly, and remembering things they know they have learned. Using hypnosis we can significantly reduce these feelings, so the experience can be viewed as a challenge rather than with terror.

Why do I get exam nerves?

If you start to think, ‘what if?’ What if I forget everything I know? What if I get really scared? Anxiety, apprehension, and feelings of being out of control are equally involved, and part of our recipe for disaster.

Of course it is important to achieve, and succeed in life, but this is made really difficult by panicking, and being fearful. If we have worked hard during revision time, and know how to stay calm and relaxed our minds can function properly, and we can answer the questions with ease. Here are some tips to help you with exam nerves.