About Hypnosis in Fareham

About Hypnosis

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy in historical context has been shown to have value and benefits time after time when dealing with different kinds of psychological problems that affect us. Hypnosis used for a number of problems, some are listed on my home page where many of the symptoms have specific pages for each of them. Suggestion therapy is very useful for a problem you need to fix quickly such as a fear of flying, or exam nerves. If the problem is more complex for instance, needle phobia this may take two, or three sessions.

about hypnosis

Hypnosis is quite an ordinary occurrence. Have you ever heard of highway hypnosis? This is what happens when you are driving your car, and you remember very little of the trip. This is because you have learned to drive a car automatically. Unfortunately, this 'automatic pilot' is not equipped for unforeseen circumstances like a cat wandering out into the road, or a set of traffic lights. This is when our conscious awareness is called upon to take these external factors into account, and prevent an accident. If this doesn't happen in time and an accident does occur the case would be of 'driving with undue care and attention'.

The relaxed and calm feelings we experience when in this kind of situation is what hypnosis feels like. Please check out this You Tube video to experience hypnosis, and some positively phrased suggestions designed by the author to help you. You should not listen to this while working, driving, or operating any kind of machinery. Just sit down in a comfy chair with your ear phones and listen quietly - you may like to listen to this? CLICK HERE