About Hypnotherapist Erica Walsh - Stubbington, Fareham

Erica Walsh - Hypnotherapist in Stubbington, Fareham


Erica Walsh BSc IAEBP Adv Dip Hyp

Hi, my name is Erica Walsh, and I practice as a hypnotherapist, psychoanalyst and consellor. My counselling training is certified to Level 3 by the NCFE (not an aronym) and the CPCAB (Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body). My continued training and development is with the International Association for Evidence Based Psychotherapy (IAEBP). Click here to find out more about the criteria required to meet the standards for practising hypnotherapy. I have also trained with Rob Kelly for a number of years during the development of a cognitive therapy copyrighted as The Thrive Programme™.

From my consulting room in Stubbington, Fareham, I use hypnosis, counselling skills, and Cognitive Free Association to help people recover from a variety of symptoms. I have a keen interest in how and why we develop unwanted habits, and behaviours and what we can do to change them. Consequently I am always reading and researching the many different fears, phobias and problems my clients seek help for. If you check out my FaceBook business profile you will see many articles and videos that may be helpful to you.

Part of my job is to offer a non-judgemental approach to enable my clients feel safe and listened to, and my aim as a committed professional is to provide a safe and confidential environment where people can relax and find resolutions to their problems. Working with people to overcome sometimes lifelong obstacles and behaviours is rewarding because its hard sometimes to trust and share information, and when this process has begun it means the client is starting to grow in their understanding of themselves; their problems and how to make significant change. These changes become observable and this is very important for the client to see these changes because when they do it is proof that change is possible, and things do not have to remain the same.